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Holding Office Hours You can set up virtual office hours for your students in Zoom. If you want to see them one at a time or in small groups when you schedule your meeting select “Enable Waiting Room” under Meeting Options.

During office hours, encourage students to share their screens with you, so you can see their work. When you schedule your meeting in Brightspace, assign an Alternative Host at the bottom of the page.

Be sure to use their NYU not Stern email address. Your alternative host will receive an email with a link to the meeting which will not appear in their upcoming meetings. You and the alternative host will be able to switch-off host powers via Manage Participants. See below for what alternative hosts can and cannot do.

If you are teaching and want some help managing the meeting after it has begun, you can assign one or more co-hosts. Launch the Zoom application. Click the Meetings tab. In the Meetings tab, you will see a list of your scheduled upcoming meetings on the left hand column. Select the Zoom meeting you would like to share. Click Copy Invitation. You can click Show Meeting Invitation to preview the meeting invitation text. Navigate to where you would like to post the link on Moodle.

Make sure you have editing turned on, and in any text editor, paste the Meeting Invitation and click Save and display. You may want to edit the text of the invitation for brevity, but make sure the below information is kept.

Your feedback matters Let us know how we can improve this resource. If the following screen is displayed, select your Georgetown account. If you see the following screen, click Allow. From your Google Calendar window, add the desired participants individuals or groups , confirm the desired meeting date and time, and then click Save.

Please review the options before choosing the best one for your situation. Co-hosts also cannot start a meeting. If a host needs someone else to be able to start the meeting, they can assign an alternative host or set up a meeting on behalf of someone else using Scheduling Privileges.

Alternative host The Alternative Host option allows you to schedule meetings and designate another Conservatoire Licensed user to start the meeting, if the Host who schedules is not able to start the meeting. You may select if you would like to mute all participants upon entry of the Zoom session by selecting Mute participants upon entry. You may create premade breakout rooms by selecting Breakout Room pre-assign. Now that you are inside the main room of the meeting, you will notice icons located at the bottom of your Zoom screen.

From the options, you will need to select Test Speaker and Microphone. Listen to the ringtone and if it can be heard, select Yes. If not, ensure you have selected the correct speakers and attempt the test feature once more. A microphone check will now take place. You will be prompted to speak and pause. If you can hear the replay, select Yes and from there a new window will pop up confirming the test is complete.

Select Finish. Select the arrow on the Participants button on the Zoom toolbar and then select Invite. You can choose to select Copy Invite Link to send a direct URL link via email or other applications or Copy Invitation to send an invitation paragraph with the URL link via email or other applications.

You may select Default email to open your standard email application to send the link types to the participants you wish to invite. Use the Chat option to send messages to all participants or the host privately. Please note that by default, the screen sharing feature is only enabled for the Host of the session. To change this, the Host will have to click on the arrow next to Share Screen and change the permissions in Advanced Sharing Options to allow All Participants to share their screen.

Make sure to tick the Share Sound option if you want to share a video or a webpage with sound. The annotation tool is a powerful Zoom tool that allows participants and hosts to draw, type, point and highlight on a shared screen. Share any screen or select the Whiteboard option on the share screen selection to share a blank screen.



How To Add Alternative Host To Scheduled Zoom Meeting? – Systran Box.Manage alternative hosts, co-hosts and schedulers in Zoom – LX at UTS

The Alternative Host option allows you to schedule meetings and designate another Conservatoire Licensed user to start the meeting, if the Host who schedules is. Install Zoom if you haven’t done so already. · Open Zoom and then sign in to your Zoom account. · In the Zoom client window, click the Schedule icon. · In the “. You can invite guest speakers to your Zoom meeting by sharing the “Join” URL with them via email. You can find it by navigating to your scheduled Zoom meeting.


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