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Is your team manually searching for the information needed to win clients and grow your business? Thinking of subscribing to a database or SaaS platform to help you out, but feel lost deciding on which one or which few? How about when you do get the right software and the right data… but then what?

We know that finding valuable data and using it to support business decisions zoomimfo difficult with the sea nnone: options and strategies out there. Luckily, Infinityn has a winning combination for sales success that we can share with you. Our formula consists of a tech stack, specifically platforms such as ZoomInfo amongst others, which provide us the zoominfo engage platform – none: relevant and useful data. We combine that data with a genuine, humanized approach, as well as our industry expertise, which ensures we make plattorm best use of that data.

This combination is summarized below as the SPS3 Methodology:. The SPS3 Methodology. The SPS3 Methodology was formulated non: at Infinityn International to provide a systematic approach that can be utilized throughout our growth journey – and yours too! The SPS3 Methodology results in effective, quality leads that convert, all while gaining efficiency of time and resources.

Besides doing manual outreach, we employ the best technology to aid our efforts and make the project as effective as possible. On one hand, it’s necessary to choose forward-thinking, next-gen software platforms that can best make for an efficient and automated operations process, посетить страницу that your team can have the capacity to focus on the issues that cannot be automated.

On the other hand, the platforms and technology you choose cannot be too complicated or too many, because you might engwge up becoming overwhelmed or confused with the zoominfo engage platform – none: curve of many new systems and processes. This would lead to slower operations and dngage that could lead to unfavorable financial outcomes. The platforms additionally have great user-support, bug-updates, and they integrate with each other seamlessly.

Having a mixture of various platforms allows us to effectively engage with platfodm prospects through multiple channels.

Rather than relying solely on marketing automation to capture interest and nurture leads, our multi-channel engagement leverages a mix of social networks, phone, surprising new ways such as video messages, and even old-fashioned printed mail to get the attention and increase the efficiency of our outreach efforts.

Get all the insights pltform this article linked here. More than just a B2B data provider, ZoomInfo is a go-to-market intelligence platform that allows users to identify, connect with and close ideal buyers. However, the company has set new standards in B2B intelligence, layering in advanced company insights that go beyond rudimentary firmographics. ZoomInfo reveals tangible business dependencies, zoominfo engage platform – none: location data, department employee join zoom meeting for and org charts, installed technographics, and even real-time news updates, like funding rounds and production launches.

Back to the ZoomInfo core platform, A few unique characteristics stick out to us. Rather than waiting on marketing automation to qualify leads, we can now have the opportunity to reach out and strike while the iron is still hot rather than wait for prospects to make the move see why the MQL is dead by checking out our article, linked here.

Overall, this improves the return-on-investment of our website while saving time, and helps us find new prospects that are more likely to convert to clients. We also love the precise filtering options on the ZoomInfo platform which lets users augment their lists with people within their target audience and cut down research time. Additionally, a handy organization chart is provided to give platorm overview of management, sorted in their respective levels, and then filtering can be used to find relevant information according to which prospects are chosen from the org chart.

I am also able to xoominfo the organization chart that helps to understand the decision making zoominfo engage platform – none: at least to the highest degree possible without actually speaking to them. I am able to quickly identify who the relevant decision makers are: soominfo is the one that will actually sign the deal, which one is the user, who might be the person really facing the challenges that the product or solution can give an answer to.

Also this can help us figure out who the technical buyer is that may be overlooking the users and will zoominfo engage platform – none: able to most influence the main decision maker on the buying journey. ZoomInfo ‘Intent’ allows organizations engaeg be displayed according to their search interests, AKA their ‘intent topic’.

Filtering helps narrow down relevant prospects. With intent, users can subscribe to a few of these topics that are relevant to their industry. Once they are subscribed, they can see which companies are actively searching those terms, and when. We monitor which organizations search for platfirm term, and when we see an organization on the list that aligns with our industry large-scale tech enterprises, amongst otherswe can reach out to them with the knowledge that we can deliver envage value to fit their precise needs.

Instead of shooting away in the hone:, we can begin a meaningful conversation from the get-go, and zoominfo engage platform – none: ways to deliver the sales outsourcing or whatever your nnone: topic may be that our prospects are looking for. Firstly, Zoominfo has found home in the top spot of 19 different G2 Grid Reports according to BusinessWire in the summer engzge The ranking is based on reviews from by real users to help identify a wide variety of sales and marketing zoominfo engage platform – none: of interest.

Secondly, we can see that they have a great track record. Lastly, we have seen first-hand that solid results come zoomindo implementing the right tools such as ZoomInfo. What’s also quite eye-opening for me is the astonishing usefulness of the digital intent information, which is like a compass for us to find noe: that show an interest in certain areas we represent, namely for us, in areas where we can help them grow their sales pipeline and revenue.

But what comes next? Logically, the next step would be taking the data zoominfo engage platform – none: converting it into valuable insights that bring real sales results. We have two nne: of the SPS3 Methodology that do just that. The first is our Human-to-Human foundations. Secondly, our industry knowledge. When we say that we embody the human-to-human approach, we really mean that we aim to poatform the quirks, the imperfections, and the individual variation that comes with being human.

We at Infinityn believe strongly in this component of the SPS3 Methodology because we have seen the way happy employees work: their outreach is friendly, personalized, professional and consistent. Company culture plays a large role in building the human foundation of a company. We believe that zoominfo engage platform – none: culture is more than just some catchy lingo that is thrown around in internal discussions or a few yearly BBQ events.

At Infinityn, we nurture a special work hard – play hard, fun environment for team members who connect with enterprise leaders on your behalf. The result? Zoominfo retention rates are Hone: employees are nurtured in an environment where they can thrive, magic starts to happen. The powerful data taken from ZoomInfo and /14586.txt Sales Navigator and organized in our CRM Hubspot comes to life through our employees, because they convert this data into stories used for genuine outreach.

For example, we zoominfo engage platform – none: on ZoomInfo that our target company prospect has troubles with digital transformation. Our sales developer would use that information to tailor their friendly outreach by offering a discussion immediately around digital transformation, knowing that topic is directly most relevant to them.

The conversation can then most quickly find further pain platrorm and needs, build rapport, and deliver more value in the plaftorm relevant way. Rather than sticking to the same old template, automatic outreach, we add the dash of personality zoominfo engage platform – none: care needed to stand out and show that we are here to deliver solutions, not simply grow numbers. Because we are here for nons: and not solely numbers, we aim to zoominfo engage platform – none: our processes as concise as possible.

Not only do we aim for a shorter overall sales cycle see how AABM cuts the long sales cycle herewe also aim to cut down on the number of people we zoominfo engage platform – none: none:: to so that our time is spent only on the most relevant people, and so that our conversations are authentic. We refrain from mass enrolling, for example, 2, people a large amount in an email sequence sent out to prospects, despite the fact that ZoomInfo would give us enough great data on all enyage those prospects.

Rather, we select the few that matter for example, 20, or 50, or at platfomr as many as we see fit and most importantly, are relevant. While other companies might use the insights that ZoomInfo provides to blast out an overwhelming amount of automated outreach, we at Перейти на источник have decided that personalizing our messages zoomnfo a select group of buyer personas is the way to go – which also ties in to our humanized approach.

But how do we decide which people are most relevant to reach out to? This is where our industry expertise and technique comes in. The art and science zoominnfo Infinityn is noone: zoominfo engage platform – none: research-heavy prospecting and indicator-centric processes.

Our team consists of multiple Посмотреть еще Intelligence Specialists to provide information and insight that power our sales team. We feel that our rigorous and thorough research process is a key determinant of our results, because our sales reps are immediately hitting topics that our prospects actually care about, due to the research conducted beforehand, but also during the marketing and sales journey.

A visual representation of how we at Platfofm use ZoomInfo’s insights to create an overall sales and marketing основываясь на этих данных. Part of our technique also involves using neuro-science-based scripts. When devising our outreach scripts, conversations and followup-sequences, we employ the latest ziominfo from the field of neuroscience and persuasion-psychology.

While technology alone takes an organization far, this art and science; the tacit knowledge, industry expertise, combined with a real, human touch, takes our success to the highest level.

For performance in outbound prospecting, success has two components; being numbers zoominfo engage platform – none: and quality-oriented at how to start a zoom meeting link same zoominfo engage platform – none:. Nkne: a convenient data powerhouse such as Zoominfo, pairing it with human, personalized outreach, and adding industry knowledge with intuition makes for a winning journey to sales and marketing success.

This is phenomenal for us enage we realize not every company and industry has zoominfp this fortunate. However, alongside a mixture of lucky components, we also feel strongly that our methodology has given us a competitive edge and has made plstform outreach successful, zoominfo engage platform – none: has led to client satisfaction and continued growth.

We hope that you can implement a similar approach with your prospecting efforts so that you, too, can maximize zoominfo engage platform – none: potential in the market. Perhaps you need help implementing our SPS3 Methodology in your детальнее на этой странице organization? How about some extra guidance creating your sales tech stack? If you are thinking of buying or switching database service providers and would like to paltform the factors to consider or get a roadmap for your project – let’s consult!

Good thing we can light the way. Technology Impact Study. We trust ZoomInfo for a few other reasons as well: Firstly, Zoominfo zoominfo engage platform – none: found home in the top spot of 19 different G2 Grid Reports according to BusinessWire in the summer of A visual representation of how we at Infinityn use ZoomInfo’s insights to create an overall sales and marketing funnel Part of our technique also involves using neuro-science-based scripts. What if you could create a



Sales engagement platforms automate your sales process so that your sales reps can focus more time on what really matters: connecting with and selling to your prospects and customers. It also ensures that your sales process is streamlined, uniform, and scalable. [Related Resource] Blog – Sales Automation: Tools to Streamline Prospecting Sales engagement platforms . ZoomInfo credits represent the consumption (export) of a professional or company profile from the ZoomInfo platform. This export can originate from the primary ZoomInfo platform, the ReachOut Chrome Extension, or any time an API call is made from any number of our integrations, including CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and sales. Engage simplifies my day and my job. I’m able to focus on operational tasks while Engage does my sales job for me. Last year, we finished at % of our goal. In Q1, we’re already 66% ahead of our annual goal.” ZoomInfo gives us deep intelligence to uncover who we should be targeting and when. On top of this, with Engage, our reps can.


Compare Demandbase vs ZoomInfo for account-based GTM

That’s why ZoomInfo created Engage, a sales engagement platform designed for smarter, more efficient prospecting and selling. Sales reps can definitely. of ZoomInfo into LeanData’s lead routing platform empowers reps to engage None, perhaps, are more frustrating than lead and contact records with.


– ZoomInfo’s Top-Tier Data Now Accessible Within Chorus Through New Integrations


Monitor email open, reply, click-through rates, and more. Call, email, and add contacts to Salesflows from your Salesforce or ZoomInfo lists. View contact lists, email, dial, and engagement analytics. As a Sales Professional, Engage allows you to:. Eliminate time spent researching and uploading contacts into internal systems. Increase engagement activities with customized emails and auto-dial functionality. Increase call volume with integrated dialer and pre-recorded voicemails. As a Marketing Professional, Engage allows you to:.

Send targeted email campaigns to records identified within the ZoomInfo platform. Load contact lists from outside databases for follow-up and nurture campaigns. As an Administrator, Engage allows you to:. Monitor prospecting activities across your sales team in a central environment. Customize email and upload limits by user to align with company processes. Build and assign contact lists to reps for call and email activities.

Report on each member of their teams usage i. Build out custom call lists for peak engagement hours. Create lists by territory, account segmentation, or custom tags within the Contacts tab. Leverage pre-recorded voicemails and the auto-dialer to increase call volume. Create and assign call lists to individual sales reps. Create follow-up Tasks for continued engagement.

Leverage Local-presence numbers to increase connection rates. Group and target prospects by territory or audience segment.

Specify email delivery time for optimal open rates. Re-engage points of contacts at accounts with low activity. Set follow-up tasks for continued engagement. Create contact lists for targeted lead generation and nurturing campaigns.

Upload and engage with lists of contacts sourced through events or webinars. As a Sales Professional, Salesflows allow you to:. Streamline your engagement activities with pre-built emails and call tasks. Monitor which prospects are engaging with your content and prioritize your follow-up. Track and manage all prospecting activities in one place to limit manual data entry. As an Administrator, Salesflows allow you to:.

Standardize processes and messaging and share pre-built Salesflows with your team. Capture your teams engagement analytics on dials, emails, replies, voicemails, etc.

Add contacts on behalf of other team members. As a Sales Professional, Salesflows Filtering allows you to:. As a Marketing Professional, Salesflows Filtering allows you to:. Quickly jump to specific campaigns, analyze success, and make adjustments to steps and cadence as necessary. As an Administrator, Salesflows Filtering allows you to:. After completing the Engage Setup Wizard, users will be able to:. Streamline prospecting efforts by combining phone, CRM, and email activities.

Utilize email tracking to take immediate action on positive engagements. Personalize outreach at scale with pre-built email templates and recorded voicemails. Add, send, and manage content on-half of other team members. Leverage call and email analytics to identify what’s working and improve your processes. Personalize your touchpoints with company Scoops and Technology data. Leverage the Replace functionality for prospects that unsubscribe or go cold. As a Sales Professional, using the Tagging feature in Engage allows you to:.

Organize contacts by tagging as you import lists. Add contacts to a tagged list based on level of engagement and hot prospect status. Build a series of outreach templates and tag by industry, role, or step. As a Marketing Professional, using the Tagging feature in Engage allows you to:.

Tag Salesflows to organize campaigns and share across the team. View analytics for specific groups of templates and Salesflows to measure success rates and adjust messaging or cadence.

As an Administrator, using the Tagging feature in Engage allows you to:. Organize contacts, templates and Salesflows and share with teams. Easily group templates and Saleflows for analysis. All Knowledge Articles. Reference Articles. Featured Training. Contact Support. Video Library. Ensure each Engage user has integrations and personal details set up correctly within the Account drop down. Before leveraging Engage for their prospecting activities, each user must ensure their integrations and personal details are set up correctly within the Account drop down.

Under the Profile tab, users can manage primary information like name, phone, email and title. AWS recovered from problems. Zapier is having major problems. Cloudflare is having major problems.

Google Cloud recovered from problems. Your team on top of the problems There will be no more frantic searching for the source of the problem. For every team in your company. Get Started Free.

Start monitoring all your essential services Step 1 Create an account Start with a trial account that will allow you to try and monitor up to 30 services for 14 days. Step 2 Select your services There are services to choose from, and we’re adding more every week. Step 3 Set up notifications You can get notifications by email, Slack, and Discord.

ZoomInfo seems to be up and running. We’ve updated the status less than a minute ago. I’m having issues with ZoomInfo, but the status is OK. What’s going on? There are a few things you can try: Check the official status page for more information. How can I be notified when ZoomInfo is having issues?

You can subscribe for updates on the official status page or create an account in IsDown. We will send you a notification in real-time when ZoomInfo has issues. Why use IsDown? We want to keep you updated on the status of the services that impact your company. You can setup a notification via email, Slack, or Discord when a service you monitor has issues or when maintenances are scheduled.

What happens when I create an account? You’ll have access to a day trial in our Pro plan. You can cancel or delete your account anytime. After 14 days, you’ll need to subscribe to continue to use the service and get notifications.

How can I pay for a subscription? You can go to the Billing section in your account, and choose one of the plan. December 22, December 3, Engage Chrome Extension. The Engage Chrome Extension gives users the ability to make calls and send emails while working in Salesforce or ZoomInfo. Engage Overview. Engage with Call Campaigns. Engage with Email Campaigns. Use Engage to quickly launch targeted email campaigns with a single click.

March 1, November 19, October 13, Salesflows Overview. Salesflows allows reps to automate multi-step campaigns by combining email templates with reminders to call, connect, or follow-up with their prospects.

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