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How to use the zoom h6 as an audio interface – how to use the zoom h6 as an audio interface: –

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Thank you for any help:. Is the correct Input Audio Port selected here? Is the Record Enable switched On on that track? And also Monitor On to be able to hear the recorded signal thru Cubase?

Although it seems that I have to change drivers to listen to the play back thats quite alright. Cubase LE8 is running on the iMac. OK, this is how it suppose to be.

But in general, this settings is correct. Now, what happens, when you enable Monitor on all Channels? Actually, there is no reason for the Aggregate Device, if you are using H6 Device only. Tried everything, recorded audio in another software, but Cubase was locked.

So i bought hte interface. And same story. I was going insane until i found answer on this forum – по этой ссылке go t privacy settings and allow Cubase to access your mic.

Enable Cubase here. This is issue i think occurs with certain osx series upwards. Do you have an Audio track with the mono input in your project? Can you see the meters on the Input red Channels?

Fan you see the signal on the tracks? Not Cubase, but eLCC.


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Use the Zoom H6 as an Audio Interface – benonistudio – Does Zoom Work With Audio Interface?


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How to use the zoom h6 as an audio interface – how to use the zoom h6 as an audio interface:.Steinberg Forums

Use the scroll switch to select USB and then press the scroll switch. Use the scroll switch to select Audio Interface and then press the scroll switch.

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