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Camera does not work on anything but the camera app on Dell Chromebook 11 You can activate Chrome OS’s Night Light mode with a fast tap in the Quick Settings panel — the Android-reminiscent interface that appears whenever you click or tap the clock in the lower-right corner of the screen — but the more advanced option resides deep within the bowels of the Chrome OS settings.


– Zoom not working on chromebook – none:


Chrome OS is full of hidden shortcuts and time-saving possibilities — including some super-useful things that require just a few minutes of your time to set up once or revisit so they’ll work to your greatest advantage.

First up is the system tray — that dock-like bar of shortcuts at the bottom of your screen. Take a moment to make sure the apps or processes you open most often are in that area; if they aren’t, drag ’em out of the launcher and put ’em in place. And remember: The tray doesn’t have to be limited only to formal apps. You can also add in shortcuts to a commonly accessed website be it something like Gmail or Google Drive or even your company’s internal content management system by opening the site in a regular browser tab, clicking the three-dot menu icon in the upper-right corner, and selecting “More tools” followed by “Create shortcut.

Now, the part most relevant to our purposes: Keep in mind that you can open each item in that list from anywhere in your system by pressing Alt and then the number key corresponding with its position. Pretty handy, eh? Next, save yourself even more valuable seconds by setting up on-demand shortcuts for your favorite web-based search functions.

You can do that for most any site with a search option, whether it’s Google Images, Twitter, or Thesaurus. Here’s the trick: Go to the website in question and perform a search — then copy the URL that ends up in your address bar with the results.

With Thesaurus. So in our Thesaurus. Once that’s done, you can simply type your keyword into Chrome’s address bar, hit Tab, and then type in whatever term you want to search for — and as soon as you hit Enter, you’ll be taken directly to the associated site’s results page for that term.

I use this constantly, for all sorts of purposes such as searching for synonyms of “fish”. Bonus tip: You can also set up a custom search engine without the search parameter in place to create a shortcut for any site or internal Chrome function.

On every Chrome-including system I use, for instance, I can type cs into the address bar to pull up Chrome’s settings in a jiff.

I can type c to pull up Computerworld. You get the idea. Finally, if you have certain words or phrases you find yourself typing over and over — addresses, phone numbers, recipes for baba ganoush, and so on — consider setting up a Chrome-OS-friendly text replacement tool. That will let you create custom keyboard shortcuts for all your favorite phrases and can save your stunning fingies from so much needless pecking.

There’s one app in particular that really does the job well. It’s easy to get spoiled with the effectiveness of voice input on your phone — so why not bring that same speaking power to your Chromebook? Yes, indeedly: Chrome OS has a little-known option for system-wide dictation, and it works whether you’re using your device as a laptop or in a tablet-like state. All you’ve gotta do is enable it: Open up your Chromebook’s settings by clicking the clock in the lower-right corner of the screen and then clicking the gear icon in the panel that pops up.

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the settings screen and tap “Advanced. Click the “Manage accessibility features” option beneath that, then activate the toggle next to “Enable dictation speak to type. And that’s it: You’ll now see a small microphone icon in the lower-right corner of your screen, next to the notification panel.

Tap it anywhere, anytime, and then just start a-yammerin’ away. Your words will show up on your screen — in whatever field you have focused, no matter what app or process you’re using. Chromebooks don’t tend to have a ton of local space, so take a minute to open your device’s Files app and clear out any clutter you no longer need.

All set? This next part’s equally easy: We’re gonna connect your Chromebook’s Downloads folder to the cloud so that anything you download will automatically sync with your Google Drive storage and thus be available wherever you might need it — on your Android phone, on a traditional desktop computer, or even on another Chrome OS device.

Chrome OS is all about this kind of automatic syncing and device-agnostic access in general, but this is one area where it oddly doesn’t do that by default. So here’s the plan: Type chrome:settings into your browser’s toolbar, select “Advanced,” then find the line labeled “Location” under the “Downloads” header.

Click “Change” and select a folder or make a new folder specifically for downloads within your Google Drive storage. Easy, right? There’s nothing more to it: Anything you download on your Chromebook will be saved to Drive and available anywhere else you sign in from this moment forward. Bonus tip: You can take this same concept a step further by setting up your Android phone and any other computers you use — Windows, Mac, whatever — to also sync their downloads with that same Drive folder.

That’ll create a single internet-based downloads folder that keeps everything you download in one universally accessible place, no matter what device you’re using.

Go ahead and take a moment to marvel over what a wondrous notion that is, then make your merry way over to this guide of mine to get started. Last but not least, a quick bit of tune-up that’ll take some of the strain off your peepers so you can better focus — on Very Important work documents, Very Important Winger videos, or whatever other Very Important content you might be viewing.

A relatively recent update to Chrome OS added an incredibly beneficial Android-born visibility feature, y’see, and it’s well worth your while to enable. It’s called Night Light, and it adjusts the temperature of your device’s display to make it less bright-white and glary in the evening hours or any other time you find yourself in dimly lit conditions.

It’s so impossibly sensible, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. You can activate Chrome OS’s Night Light mode with a fast tap in the Quick Settings panel — the Android-reminiscent interface that appears whenever you click or tap the clock in the lower-right corner of the screen — but the more advanced option resides deep within the bowels of the Chrome OS settings. Apologies for the choice of phrase there. I promise it really isn’t that bad. Just open up those trusty ol’ system-level settings once more, and this time navigate to “Displays” under the “Device” header and look for the “Night Light” section at the bottom of that screen.

There, you can set an automatic schedule for when the Night Light mode should turn itself on — based on specific times of day or even on when the sun sets and rises.

Your eyes will thank you. And with that, my dear comrade, your Chrome OS tune-up is complete. If sound is coming from other browsers Edge, Safari, etc. Fortunately, unmuting a Chrome tab is a breeze.

Apply these two straightforward steps:. Various problems can cause Google Chrome to stop responding. Depending on the cause, the solutions may vary. Here are some things to check or do to help fix this problem:.

Use the latest Chrome version. I am using Chrome OS Version Nothing else works Zoom, Discord, Google Meet, etc. Hi, I will recommend you to use latest driver in your PC to avoid such problems in Future. Chrome OS doesn’t have drivers.

Or maybe for Linux? Browse Community. Dell Community : Laptops : Chromebook : Camera does not work on anything but the camera app on Dell Chromebook 11 Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Last reply by gabAtDell Unsolved. Start a Discussion. Camera does not work on anything but the camera app on Dell Chromebook 11


Zoom not working on chromebook – none:.How to Use Zoom on a Chromebook With Our New Progressive Web App (PWA)


Zoom, the popular video conferencing app that only gained more popularity during the pandemic, has reportedly discontinued its ChromeOS web app, causing problems for some. Earlier this year, Zoom announced a new progressive web app PWA for Chromebooks designed to offer a better experience and more features. Now, users see this pop-up when they try to join a Zoom:. For example, the Zoom PWA still allows for opening links, notification badges, updates, and more while offering better performance and, oftentimes, more features.

While the Zoom progressive web app should deliver an improved experience, more features, and faster performance, the new PWA-version of Zoom is still a work in progress. Users are reporting a lot of problems or bugs. The move was in response to an order to a new government mandate that made it mandatory for VPN service providers to keep user data for at least five years and share records with authorities when Microsoft said this week that Windows Autopatch, a service to automatically keep Windows and Microsoft software up to date in enterprise environments, has now reached public preview.

This enterprise service was first announced in April when Redmond said it would be made generally available in July and offered See Details: Microsoft: Windows Autopatch now available for public preview.

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The Halo As a parent, you Apple realityOS glasses to launch in , report claims. A few days ago, a well-known leaker speculated that Apple would not unveil the first-gen mixed reality headset at WWDC Sonos Ray vs.

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On behalf of the Communist Party of China Philippine volcano spews ash and steam, alarms villagers. A volcano southeast of the Philippine capital spewed ash and steam about a kilometer half a mile into the sky in a brief steam-driven explosion on Sunday, scattering ash in We will provide quality recommendations in this guide.

Samsung has been launching Benq aims over Rs 1, crore turnover in next three years from Indian market. Representative Image Image: Reuters Technology products and consumer electronics maker, Benq, is aiming over two-fold growth in India turnover and cross Rs 1, crore in next three years, helped by China launches three astronauts to space station. Representative Image China launched a spacecraft on Sunday carrying three astronauts to the Chinese space station, due to be completed by the end of the year, as construction entered a Recreating the cinema experience at home and outdoors with a projector has never been easier or more affordable.

But there are a number of key factors to consider in the Chinese storage system for supercomputers ranks first on global list. National Supercomputing Center in Jinan. An analysis of the January-March quarter numbers The Covid pandemic hit supply chains across the world, prompting many industries to ponder how and when they could restart operations.

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