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Add to a new meeting · Sign in to the Zoom web portal. · Schedule a meeting. · Under Meeting ID, select Generate Automatically. · Under Security. In your web browser, go to · Enter the meeting ID provided by the host/organizer. · Click Join. · Do one of the following: · If. In the pop-up, click the button that says Lock Meeting. Require a meeting passcode Generate a random Meeting ID when scheduling your meeting and require a.


How to generate “join” URL given ID and password? – API and Webhooks – Zoom Developer Forum


Because almost all users are creating their zoom accounts using Gmail or Facebook. Please give solution for this as soon as possible. If signing into Zoom requires using google or facebook, then no this will not work. This will only allow a Zoom email address as in the email address used to sign into Zoom and a Zoom password. This topic was automatically closed 30 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed. Is it possible to start and join zoom meetings without login?

Description Is it possible to start and join zoom meetings without login? You should stay ahead of your competitors, or else another company will do all this first and steal your entire market, as has happened to others. This endpoint appears to retrieve meeting information only for those who are authorized as creators of the meeting. The documentation is confusing. An authorized user or the creator of the meeting would need to generate these urls. I hope you also realize that what you are suggesting would be a huge security vulnerability, if an unauthorized user could get meeting links with passwords,.

Equivalent information means equivalent security, nothing more, nothing less. Screen Shot at Dear Tommy, I have explained patiently, several times, that I want a solution where we do not necessarily own the Meeting ID. Zoom has lots of quirky limitations without misinformation being thrown into these answers.

If my request absolutely cannot be done, please have the courtesy of saying so. Help me understand your use case for generating these urls? How are you getting the meeting passwords and not the encoded password in the join url? Another part of the use case is that the Zoom dialog box for entering a meeting remembers the last few meeting IDs but, strangely, not their passwords. So, when a meeting has a password, you have to enter the password manually.

For now, we would prefer the techniques we use to encode these passwords stay internal. Very sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. I hear you. Initially I thought the password from the URL might be a simple hash value, but it seems to have been salted somehow.

Use the Waiting Room feature to control who is admitted to your meetings. Require a password to join your meeting. When Hosting Meetings Lock your meeting. You can lock a Zoom meeting once it has started and all your expected participants have joined. Manage participants in meetings by muting participants, putting participants on hold, and more.

Remove disruptive participants. Control screen sharing for participants. The Zoom default allows only the host to share screens.


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