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This article has been viewed 63, times. Learn more This wikiHow teaches you how to reset a forgotten YouTube password. Because Google and YouTube use the same account information, changing your password on YouTube will change it across all Google services and properties, including Gmail, Docs, and Drive. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet?

Create an account. Popular Categories. All Categories. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. In the Overview section which you should be automatically taken to , click Change Password. YouTube will redirect you to your overall Google Account, where you will be asked to sign in again.

Make sure your new passcode meets all security requirements and includes both lower- and uppercase letters, digits, symbols, and is at least 8 characters long. You can generate a strong password with the Passwarden app in just a few clicks. Now your YouTube password is changed. Follow the steps described below:. On the Google login page, enter your account email and when asked for the passcode, click the Forgot password?

Enter it and click Next. A password reset code will be sent to your recovery email or phone number connected to this account. Explore a secure and convenient way of storing and managing all your passwords, logins, account credentials, and other sensitive information! A reliable passcode should be unique and complex enough and combine uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols.

You don’t actually have to go to the YouTube website at all to do this. Here’s how to change your Google account password, so that you can log into YouTube with a new password. You can do this through any internet browser on your Mac or PC. Go to myaccount. On the main part of the page, scroll down. Under the header “Signing in to Google,” click “Password. Richard brings over 20 years of website development, SEO, and marketing to the table. Tech Radar. North America.


How to change your youtube password videos –


After all, the more people who watch your videos, the more opportunities to connect with potential customers and expand awareness of your brand. However, there will be times when you want to prevent some or all people from seeing your videos.

Adding a password is one way to secure your videos and control who can see your content. And the answer is YES. You can password protect Youtube videos. However, there are also other security issues you should be aware of which we cover in this article.

Please read those carefully. To help you and others struggling to make sense of video security, we compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions from Google, Twitter, Quora, and our own experience and answered them here for you. Read along, bookmark it for later, or jump to a specific question using the links below:. Pirates have many different ways of doing this, ranging from seemingly innocent to sophisticated and malicious.

For example, someone might share their password for a video training course with someone else. Or, they might use a browser extension or plugin to illegally download a paid video for free. If you use YouTube for your videos, are you susceptible to piracy? The short answer is yes. While YouTube does offer some copyright protections , it does nothing to prevent someone from stealing a video from your channel and uploading it to their own site or another channel.

As we mentioned above, there are a number of popular plugins and browser extensions that allow someone to download a copy of your video from YouTube and other streaming sites without your permission. Video security refers to all of the measures taken to protect your videos from unauthorized use or sharing. Think about home security: While locking your doors is an important first step, sometimes you might want additional protections like motion lights, security cameras, and alarms.

Video security is important for both your personal content and for your business. Securing your videos prevents someone from viewing or downloading them without your permission. And, it ensures that your private or proprietary information stays safe. As a rule of thumb, any video that contains private or sensitive information should be secured.

The same goes for any premium content. Also keep in mind your school or company security policy might dictate what kinds of video content need to be protected with a password or other measures. If you need to share videos with clients and colleagues, you want to be able to do it quickly, easily, and securely.

Thankfully, a video hosting platform like Spotlightr enables you to do exactly that. Security is a big convern for our customers so we take this issue seriously. There are a variety of other security features like password gates, video encryption, access codes, and domain whitelisting which all add layers of security to your video content. With your videos uploaded ,sharing them securely is as easy as sending a link. The best and most straightforward option is to not use Youtube at all and use a video player that comes with a built-in password protection feature.

Spotlightr offers one with its video hosting and marketing platform. All you need to do is upload your video and turn on the password protect gate feature. You can choose your password, adjust when the lock appears, and even customize the style of your lock. You can change the visibility to private, and invite only certain people to view the video.

Those are your only security features with Youtube. You just need to use Spotlightr to do it. All you need to do is copy the link of your Youtube video and paste it into Spotlightr. From there, you can enable the password gate feature. A private video platform will give you more control over the look and feel of your videos and keep your videos on-brand.

This will ultimately strengthen your brand overall. As we mentioned above, password protecting your videos allows you to control exactly who can view your content. Anyone with the link will need to type in the password in order to watch your video.

This is useful when you want to share a video of your product development meeting with your internal team. Or, when you want to house premium video content or resources, such as paid training videos for your clients. Adding a password will help ensure that only the people you want to see your videos can see them. If you want to protect your videos, the best thing to do is to upload your videos to a hosting platform like Spotlightr that includes the option for HLS encryption.

And, should they somehow succeed in downloading a file, the file will not play. Adding a password prevents people from viewing your videos without permission. You can think of it like putting your videos in a locked room. Only someone who has the key can get in. Encryption, on the other hand, prevents people from taking your videos — even if they have the password. Students who have paid to take the course can login with the password you provide and view the videos.

In this way, password protection and encryption keep your video content secure. Each video you add to your site has a unique embed code which allows you to display the video on your website. The problem, though, is that anyone with basic knowledge of website code can also grab your embed code from your site and add it to their own blog or website. Domain whitelisting for your videos allows you to choose which domains are allowed to play the video. The embed code will only work on the whitelisted domains.

Sometimes you might want to keep your video out of search engine results. If you want to prevent your video from showing up in search results, the best way is to upload it to a private video hosting platform. This gives you total control over where and how your videos appear. Now that you know the basics of video security, you might want to try some of these features out for yourself. Create a free Spotlightr trial account and start using our security features today.

Table of Contents. What is video piracy? What is video security, and why is it important? What types of video should I secure? How can I share my videos securely? What is the best way to password protect a video? Can you password protect a YouTube video? When are password protected videos useful?

How can I prevent people from stealing my videos, downloading or sharing my content without my permission? What is the difference between password protection and encryption? What is domain whitelisting, and how does it work? How do I keep my video from appearing in search results? Nobody can see your videos unless you personally publish your own content. But we understand that many people want to build their Youtube channel.

We have one as well. There is a solution for your Youtube videos. Can you password protect YouTube videos? Check out this example here. The password is: spotlightr. The end result?

Secure Your Videos Right Now Now that you know the basics of video security, you might want to try some of these features out for yourself. Copy link. Copy Copied.

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How to Change a YouTube Password – Free YouTube Tutorials


LinkedIn Fliboard icon A stylized letter F. Flipboard Link icon An image of a chain link. It symobilizes a website link url. Copy Link. To change your YouTube password, you’ll need to change your Google account’s password, as they’re the same password. You can change your Google password through your Google account’s “Security” menu. Changing this password will change the password on your YouTube account, Google Drive account, Gmail account, and more.

If you are one of the users who come across the YouTube sign in error, read the post to figure out the reasons and solutions. To sum up, this article has shown you how to change YouTube password step by step. Remember that if you change your password on YouTube, all Google services and properties will also be changed.

Right now, if you want to change YouTube password, just follow the steps above to do so. Download uTube Downloader. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit. User Comments : Post Comment. Google asks you to type your recovery Gmail and get a verification code to your Gmail. Step 6. Check your recovery email, enter the verification code and click “Next”. Keep in mind that if you no longer have access to the email address you used to sign up for YouTube, you can select the option Forgot your email?

As long as you have access to the recovery email or phone number stored in your Google account, you can be sent a link or text message with details on how to recover your email address. As we already mentioned, to change the password you use on YouTube, you will have to change your Google account password.

You can start this process from the YouTube site by following these steps:. Step 2. Click on the image of your “user avatar” at the top right of the screen. In the drop-down menu, you will see the option “Manage your Google account” click on it.

You’ll be redirected to the general Google account management page, where you’ll find many settings and reports about your account. You’ll see the “Security option” on the left side of the page and click on it. You’ll see the “Password” option in the middle of the page. Click on it. Step 7. After doing this, you will be redirected again to your current password or sign-in page. Step 9.

Finally, you can create a new password, confirm it below, and click “Change password”. As you can see, changing or resetting your YouTube account password is very simple, so you don’t have to worry too much if you forget it.

You can change your YouTube password easily by changing your Google account password. This tool helps you recover your forgotten passwords, restore windows, windows server product keys, retrieve product licenses, and find product serials. You can quickly recover and find your lost password with just one click. You can initiate this process from within the YouTube site by clicking on your user avatar picture at the top right.

Click this to bring you to the Security page. It may not immediately be obvious, but you can click on this word to get to the password change page. Enter your current Google password, and click Next.


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