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Can you have 2 zoom meetings at the same time on the same account – none: –

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May 02,  · Users with basic (free) licenses on Pro, Business, or Education accounts are limited to the free license meeting durations. However, if a Basic user schedules a meeting and starts that meeting from a paid Zoom Room on the same account, the meeting will not end after 40 minutes, despite the number of participants. Apr 21,  · Start: Select a date and time for your meeting, but remember you can start your meeting at any time before the scheduled time. You can also manually enter any time. For example, you can enter 15 in the minutes field. Time Zone: By default, Zoom will use your computer’s time zone. Click the drop-down menu to select a different time zone. Recurring . Jun 01,  · You can find which role you have on your account on your account profile page. There are 3 roles in the accounts: Owner: Has all privileges including role management. Admin: Can add, remove, or edit users. Can manage advanced features like API, SSO, and Meeting Connector. Members: Have no administrative privileges.


Can you have 2 zoom meetings at the same time on the same account – none:. Problem: Meeting Owner Cannot Have Concurrent Meetings in Zoom


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